Dr. Andrew Campbell has practiced medicine ...


for nearly four decades and has chaired and served on numerous medical boards and advisory committees. Dr. Campbell has been Board Certified in Family Medicine, Geriatrics, and Forensic Medicine. He has had over 80 peer-reviewed articles published in medical journals and publications, and has received twelve awards for excellence in health care and patient treatment.

For over 30 years, Dr. Campbell has been considered the “go-to” doctor for symptoms that cannot be treated by other top doctors. Dr. Campbell is an expert on the effects of toxicity and has dedicated his life to a scientific-based natural approach to healing. He believes that is far more effective than spending billions of dollars on drugs. He personally helps thousands each year who have given up hope, and tens of thousands more by spreading the message about the simple and natural approach to healing


Dr. Campbell is on a journey ...

journey to transform the medical establishment, using scientifically supported natural approaches, instead of ignoring the obvious, and spending billions of wasted dollars.

His mission is to restore the human side of medicine, the healthcare practices that existed for thousands of years, long before Big Pharma and Big Insurance existed. By informing the public about the things we ingest and inhale, and spreading awareness about the existential dangers, he hopes to revolutionize the art of healing, and create a world where people will reduce suffering and enjoy life again.





In 1981 I received certifications in Family Practice and Geriatrics in Augusta, Georgia, and that’s where I remained to practice medicine. Soon after, I was recruited to a thriving practice near Sarasota, Florida, which was larger and had better opportunities, and I was very successful. But I missed the small-town life, and quickly returned to Augusta. It turned out to be the best move I ever made. At first I worked with a lot of textbook cases, like high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, that sort of thing. And to be honest, I found it boring. I don’t enjoy easy run-of-the-mill cases that don’t require specialized training. I relish a challenge.

I was drawn to patients with rare and unusual symptoms, things that average doctors don’t know about, and are not interested in figuring out. Patients came to me with unexplained headache, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, inability to function, and more. They had been tested for everything under the sun, but it remained a mystery. What’s worse, they had been to doctors who prescribed useless drugs and sent them home to suffer, telling them they may never live a normal life again.

Not one to settle for unknowns, I started to probe, asking questions about their homes, lifestyles, family life, and hobbies. I spent time with each patient, refusing to give up until I figured out their underlying cause of suffering.

It turns out there was rampant unregulated pesticide use near Augusta, and people were unaware of the dangers. I helped countless such patients, and diagnosed others with mold toxicity, and symptoms created by chemicals and airborne pollutants as well.

I worked closely with Dr. Robert Rhoades, an expert allergist and immunologist, who taught me about unknown and hidden dangers that the medical establishment ignores. I also worked with Dr. Robert Greenblatt, a world renowned Reproductive Gynecologist, who believed many common household chemicals cause infertility. These experiences opened my eyes to the invisible dangers and toxins all around us.

The battle against toxicity became my life’s calling, and I developed a reputation as the Doctor with a natural, preventive healing approach. I was able to cure cases that no other Doctor could tackle.

In 1990 I was recruited to the Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction center in Houston, a massive facility where I was fortunate to help thousands of helpless patients from all 50 states, including many sent by the Mayo Clinic.

One astonishing story is that of a 17 year old girl who was bright, hard working, and driven, until one day her grades began to slip, and she became barely functional. One doctor attributed it to drugs, another to hormones, and when all else failed, they popped her with Prozac. But the symptoms persisted, and the family was desperate.

I asked her about school, family, friends, and hobbies. After a little while, I discovered something astonishing--she loved to paint, and instead of using a brush or her fingers, she dipped her entire arm into the paint. I instantly realized she was suffering severe toxicity!

All the doctors, theories, and tests could not figure out what I discovered just by chatting.

I didn’t even need a degree. I just needed to care enough to make small talk and ask her targeted questions. Sure enough, she was cured in weeks.