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We know how hard it is to be a small brand in the natural health and wellness space. First there the pseudo-health brands propagated by the Mars, Unilevers and Proctor and Gambles of the world. Then there are thousands and thousands of medium and small brands as well. It is practically impossible to make your voice heard. It is hard enough coming up with a truly great natural healthy product, then you have to single-handily take on behemoths to get people to try your products.

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If you have a truly great natural health product, we will connect you with the consumers who are best matched for it. Our Wellness Team will need to review your product. If it meets our standards then we will get your product in front of a perfectly targeted audience and help you close the deal with interested prospects. All at no additional cost to you. There are no registration fees or commissions charged. In fact, there are no fees of any kind.

In fact, there are no fees of any kind.


Driving hundreds of millions of dollars in online sales in the natural health space


We have a proven track record in online sales. We aren’t an ad or PR agency, SEO specialist, or anything along those lines. We are not aware of any other company that does what we do, so we don’t know what name to call it. We are a matchmaker for super healthy brands and health conscious consumers. We have created a groundbreaking way for natural health brands to work together to attract acquire customers. We can leverage up to 5 different brands to acquire a new customer in a way that none of them could do on their own and at no added cost to any of them. The best part is that we also provide great value to the consumer in the process.

If you think your products would be a good fit for our natural health and beauty focused customers, please contact us today. Call 866-949-7949 or submit your email below and a friendly Healthy-Finds team member will get back to you.

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