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Healthy-Finds donates $75k in nutritious foods and funding in 2020

“Healthy-Finds was a major part of our organization being able to feed 6,662 adults, 3,549 children, and 2,020 seniors last year. We need more partners like them.”

- Janet Giordano, Cherry Hill Food Pantry Executive Director

Some say that staying Healthy is a duty, others a privilege. We like to look at it this way:

Every person has the potential to live their best life. Practicing self-care, ethical habits and having respect for the natural environment has a positive effect on the world, and on your wellbeing. Changing or improving your lifestyle is done one well-informed decision at a time.

We believe in supporting those who choose a healthy path and work hard to help our members and the wider wellness community discover excellent healthy brands and amazing products.

staying Healthy is a duty

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You can read more about who we are and what we do in the About section.

We do our research and form relationships with each of the healthy brands that we work with, taking the time to understand and appreciate their unique value while communicating this to our audiences.

You can read more about the brands we are partnering with by visiting our News.

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