Activated Charcoal is used in thousands of different applications to purity the air, food, and protect the body from harmful toxins. Now you can bring it into your home and get the health and gut benefits you want without expensive addictive prescriptions and costly medical visits.

You know how important natural solutions are to your health. So why do you still use medicines packed with unnatural ingredients and dangerous chemicals?


It is easy. When you buy prescriptions and over-the-counter pills everything you need is ready to go. The pills are pre-packaged and include easy to follow instructions. We knew if you could get the same results with a natural home remedy you’d jump at it. So we made sure to find you something that was easy to use, got real results, and was endorsed by scientists and physicians alike. We present...

The Charcoal Remedies Package

The Charcoal Remedies Package is your all-in-one activated charcoal kit. Each package gets you a 10 oz jar of activated charcoal powder and an accompanying book,, to get started right away.

Why We Promote The Charcoal Remedies Package

We work hard at Healthy Finds to bring you the best products on the market. We chose to feature the Activated Charcoal package for three reasons.

  • Activated Charcoal Is Versatile - Most products do one thing. They work internally or externally. Activated charcoal does both. You can mix it with water to calm a troubled stomach, apply it to your face as a cleansing mask, whiten your teeth with it, help heal cuts, stop bug bites from itching, and more.
  • Activated Charcoal is easy to use and easier to store - Activated charcoal is easy to use. To make sure you get the most out of it we included an entire book of remedies you can use right away. Not only that you can store activated charcoal above your sink, in your medicine drawer, or anywhere else and not worry about it going bad.
  • Physicians Prescribe It - Activated charcoal isn’t a random alternative solution thrown together in a garage at the last second. This is a real remedy that gets real results. That’s why physicians prescribe it and scientists stand by it.

Activated Charcoal: A Home Remedy That Gets Real Results

Are you tired of relying on dangerous chemicals and addictive substances to get relief? Do you want to get real results with a natural home remedy? Are you ready for a solution that is easy to use, easier to store, and works both internally and externally?

Then you need The Charcoal Remedies Package.

With it you get a 10 oz bottle of activated charcoal powder and the bestselling Charcoal Remedies book, at a discount, for $29.95.

The Charcoal Remedies Package will help you change your life for the better, and we’re also offering you a little something extra...we’re giving you a free $20 gift card to spend on improving your health with other great products.

We’re proud of our gift card and the opportunity it gives you to try some other quality products, totally free! There are no obligations with it and no restrictions on what you can buy from the top brands we have selected. It’s twenty dollars in your pocket to spend on whatever you want to improve your health!

Order The Charcoal Remedies Package for only $29.95 and receive a free $20 Gift Card.
(A $50 Value)

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Here’s some VERY satisfied customers:

“ The powder is really easy to take, as I cannot swallow pills. It does well to help remove toxins from the gut. I discovered that it also helps to whiten my teeth! I take a spoonful in water just before bed. I leave it on my teeth all night, then brush as usual in the morning. ” – Nani

“ Very wonderful product,.... It seems to be pure and made well! I looked in YouTube for how this is made and this seems to be right on POINT..... In the outcome of the process of how it should be done...... In my family I've made mascara, and eyeliner👏, it stays on all day and we use it for teeth,.... NO COMPLAINTS,... Very smooth... ” – Sarah Hamilton

“ Highly recommend!!!! ” – David C.

“ Yes this works good for me I can use it in the bath tub for a charcoal bath and also to make a poultice to heal cuts and sores on the body and taking it internally as an antacid to get rid of upset stomach and heartburn and diarrhea and to detox the large and small intestines. And there are many other uses for charcoal. Say if your pet eats something wrong charcoal will neutralize it just like that. It's the same for food poisoning for humans or people that overdose on something, Charcoal will neutralize it. Just make sure you drink plenty of water with it. This is great stuff to have in any household. ” – Carla Snuggs

“ Highly recommended product for home use (That way you don't need to waste money at the hospital!! This is all they really give you that helps. Screw their deadly drug treatments!!) ” – Lilo T.

“ Great quality. Big container, will last a long time. ” – Lizz Baughman

“ Fast delivery, and a great product. ” – Sparky

“ Really great product. Even helps my dog with his stomach upsets, I just put a 1/4 t in his food and he loves the taste too he licks it off my fingers. I use it as a facemask. ” – Mae Ling

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What we love about Charcoal House

Charcoal House LLC had its beginning in 2005 as a result of its groundbreaking book “The Complete Handbook of Medicinal Charcoal & Its Applications". Today, Charcoal House carries the most diverse line of activated charcoal products in the world. From household and municipal water filters, to sophisticated air purifiers in hybrid electric cars and space suits, to USP grade charcoal used in Emergency Rooms and natural supplements, to soaps and toothpaste, and food coloring in jelly beans, fancy chocolates, and cheese slices, and much, much more, activated charcoal is working behind the scenes to Purify Your World.

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