You might think it’s hard to find a natural laundry powder that is powerful enough to get the cleaning job done, but also gentle enough on you, your family and planet, but it’s far from impossible. Meet Charlie’s Soap.

You’ll know, of course, about all the harsh and damaging chemicals that can be found in regular laundry powders, which can cause skin problems for those with sensitive skin and young children as well as having lasting effects on the environment. Charlie’s Soap has none of those harsh chemicals and rinses clean to be completely hypoallergenic.

That’s why we’re recommending it, and here’s why we think it’s the best natural laundry powder out there:

  • All the power - Charlie’s Soap is gentle where it counts, but that doesn’t mean it gives stains and dirt and grease an easy ride. Tests have shown it out-performs leading brands on cleaning power, removing of a wide variety of stains.
  • None of the bad stuff - Charlie’s Soap is made up of non-toxic biodegradable materials and natural minerals, and has been approved to be safe to use around lakes and rivers as well as food preparation areas.
  • Easy to use - Just because you’re using a powder that won’t trash any eco-systems, it shouldn’t mean you are making your life any harder. In fact, Charlie’s Soap is very easy to use; it comes in biodegradable packets that you just throw into the machine, no spills, no measuring, no fuss. They’re also designed to make sure your kids don’t mistake them for candy.

So if you want to take better care of yourselves and your planet but don’t want to compromise on cleaning power and convenience, Charlie’s Soap is the complete package. If you’re not sold yet, check out this video demonstration:

Charlie’s Soap will help you change your life and world for the better and is a great step in the right direction, and we’re also offering you a little something extra...we’re giving you a free $20 on a gift card to spend on improving your health.

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Here’s some VERY satisfied customers:

“This is hands down my favorite laundry soap! I love that it gets out all the stains it says it does (urine, grease, wine, grass, vomit), and is so convenient to carry while traveling”EM

“Wonderful soap and very convenient packaging. I've been using it 5 years now and it's wonderful. My clothes are better looking, softer, less wrinkled, and I hardly have any dryer lint now. It's unreal. It does not break my fabrics down and my clothes stay nice looking longer then when I used other brands.”Sherry

“These are great! Easy to use, it comes with 30 of the little packets in the bag. You just drop one in the wash. Boom! Done! The packets themselves are sort of like paper, but they dissolve in the water really quickly. There is nothing messy, sticky, or in any way complicated about these little guys. I will buy again!”T2

Charlie’s Soap Says: “We do things differently here at Charlie’s Soap because in our case, different is better.”

The Charlie in Charlie’s Soap was Charlie Sutherland Sr. who dedicated his life to this product and was honored by having it named after him in 2002, eight years after he had passed away. It’s very much a family business still, which we love, and has gone from small town to the big time.

We love their ethos (based on Charlie’s ideals of course) and their product and we know you will too.

Order your powders today and see how powerful they really are!

Order this amazing product now
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