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As part of our commitment to bring you the best deals on the healthiest brands online, here are a list of exclusive offers that our partner brands are willing to make to our members. We do not make any money out of these offers. We simply look for the healthiest brands online and convince them to give you, our members special deals to get you to try their amazing products.

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#1 Get $50 off the Tespo Dispenser (Normally $99)

The Tespo Dispenser provides a better way to take vitamins at home. In the box, you’ll get: 1 dispenser, 1 cup, 1 power cord, and one Tespo Go for taking your vitamins on-the-go.

#2 $40 off of Naavudi (Normally $89.95)

Introducing all natural Naavudi – 60 capsules, specifically formulated to support healthy blood sugar.

#3 $40 off of Alistrol (Normally $89.95)

Alistrol is proven to promote a healthy cardio-vascular system. This powerful natural supplement contains unique, pure and concentrated herbal extracts trusted for centuries by holistic healing practitioners. It has been specifically formulated to support healthy blood pressure, arteries and heart function. Alistrol is 100% safe to use with your other medications.

#4 $40 off of Mood Effex (Normally $89.95)

Chase away the blues and enjoy every day! Mood Effex is an herbal “feel-good” supplement that contains seven pure herbal extracts.

#5 $20 off any purchase of $30 or more at WellnessResources.com

Wellness Resources formulates superior quality supplements that deliver the most absorbable nutrients in optimal amounts to make a true difference in your health. Wellness Resources® nutritional supplements are the top choice of health conscious individuals around the world.

#6 $20 off of any purchase of $25 or more at Red-Joe.com

Our Mission is to provide a simple solution to achieving better health and living a higher quality of life by educating and empowering people on the importance of proper hydration and its many benefits. Red Joe will provide hydration the way nature intended, through plant minerals and healthy electrolytes.

#7 $20 off any purchase of Skin 2 Skin of $35 or more

Skin 2 Skin Natural Skincare provides plant powered "Holistic Skin Wellness" creating the ideal nourishing anti-aging environment, permanently restoring the Skin's Quality and Health Youthful appearance at any age. No toxins, parebens, petroleum derivatives, alcohol, dioxane, or anything else bad for you or your skin!

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