Kids love cookies. That’s a fact of life, and another fact is that cookies are full of sugar and are incredibly bad for our children’s health. So how do we, as parents resolve this no-win scenario? It’s simple. It’s Simply Delicious!

These oatmeal raisin protein cookies not only taste great, but they’re also sugar-free, sweetened only with plant-based sweeteners. 75% of the adult population of the USA and 35% of children have weight-related issues, with obesity and related diseases all caused by sugar.

The kind of cookies our children regularly eat are not only loaded with dangerous levels of sugar, but also lack any real nutritious value. These Proof Simply Delicious cookies though have 400% more protein than the nearest rival and that’s why we’re recommending them.

Here’s what we love most about Proof Simply Delicious cookies:

  • No sugar - Over 600,000 people a year die in the USA from sugar-related causes and it can be responsible for the drop in blood sugar in children that causes crashes and emotional problems. These cookies won’t do any of that, making them great for children and for diabetics and anyone looking to go sugar-free.

  • Protein boosts - Protein promotes muscle growth, gives a higher metabolic rate, stabilizes blood sugar and doesn’t get stored in the body as far. These cookies are full of it.

  • Nutritious and delicious - Cookies are not known for their nutritious value, but these cookies are actually more nutritious than a turkey sandwich on rye bread! They taste better too!

Proof Simply Delicious cookies will provide a tasty, healthy snack alternative for your children and they’ll love them. We’re also offering you a little something extra...we’re giving you a free $20 on a gift card to spend on improving your family’s health.

We’re proud of our gift card and the opportunity it gives you to try some other quality products, totally free! There’s no obligations with it and no restrictions on what you can buy from the top brands we have selected. It’s twenty dollars in your pocket to spend on whatever you want to improve your health!

Order a box of delicious and nutritious cookies for just $17.95 Today, and get a FREE $20 Gift Card and FREE Shipping!

“If you think about it, we are paying you to try these delicious cookies!”

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Here’s some VERY satisfied customers:

“The service was great and the cookies are delicious. I will order again. I would recommend these cookies to everyone.”Pat D.

“These cookies are great. I actually use them to supplement my diet while working out. They taste great and I would recommend them to everyone!”Anthony B.

“Delicious! thanks for fast shipping! 5 Star!”Kevin S.

“I cannot get enough of the cookies and the truffles. I work at a car dealership and the guys are always taking the cookies for a mid day snack, and the truffles are our guilt free afternoon energy! I am a raving fan!”David S.

“You can't tell they're healthy. I ordered the oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip and shocked how tasty they were!! Definitely a great product.”Ehab E.

“What we love about Proof Smart Food”

Proof Smart Food is determined to change our unhealthy relationship with sugar. They know that this can’t be done by making parents feel guilty about the sugar content in their kids’ food, but by offering positive and popular alternatives.

That’s why we love their Simply Delicious cookies so much. Their stated goal is to: “Exchange 100 grams of sugar/carbohydrates for 100 grams of protein without knowing it (sacrifice or hunger).”

You can make a start towards achieving that goal for yourselves or your children right now.

Order your cookies today and see how much your kids love them!

Order this amazing product now

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