Dr. Campbell on Beta Glucans

The best thing about beta glucans is that they boost and strengthen the immune system, meaning that they increase your defense against infections and are anti-cancer. In human medical trials, beta glucan reduced the upper respiratory tract infections and helped those with allergies. And beta glucan can help those who suffer from inadequate blood supply to the heart muscle. Just this is enough to warrant taking beta glucans but there is more.

Beta glucan can lower cholesterol in people whose cholesterol levels are high; it can lower blood sugar in people with type II diabetes; and it improves dermatitis, eczema, burns, ulcers, and radiation burns.

People whose body defenses have been weakened by medical conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia will benefit from the immune boosting by beta glucan. When it is flu season, or even the common cold, take beta glucan to fortify your defenses and prevent those miseries.

Beta glucans is one of the best supplements to take, period.

Why We Recommend Better Way Health For You

The Company

What we like most about Better Way Health is that they only offer supplements of the highest quality - those that have passed their standards of Purity, Potency, and backed by Published scientific studies.

Their products are made with patented ingredients and manufactured through patented processes inside facilities that adhere to the strictest standards in the world. In turn, this ensures the effectiveness of their products, outperforming top competitors. Their products are also backed by published scientific studies and do not merely rely on customer testimonials.

At this time where more and more people are increasingly depending on synthetic drugs to combat diseases, it is the mission of Better Way Health to help people restore and / or maintain optimum health through more natural means.

Better Way Health is composed of a team of health and nutrition experts specializing in the Immune System and Beta Glucan.

What we like most about Better Way Health is that they also have Beta Glucan for Kids. BetaKIDS is an immune support supplement for children! The small, delicious, fruit-flavored chewables provide a daily dose of proven immune support with natural ingredients and no added sugar. It is effective and completely safe for prolonged use. It is gluten-free and lactose-free too. Aside from Beta Glucan, BetaKIDS also contains Selenium and Vitamin D which also supports immune functions.

In sum, Better Way Health is not only for us but also for those that we love.

The Creator | Founder

David “Dave” Perkins founded the company in 1999, the same time that he was undergoing chemotherapy.

But that is getting ahead of the story.

Dave was diagnosed with T-Cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, stage 4B, in September of 1996.

In 1999, the doctors have given up on Dave saying that there was nothing more they could do. But Dave’s spirit was stronger. He knew that there is a lot that traditional medicine cannot do and he took it upon himself to overcome the disease. He sought alternative therapies and followed a strict green diet designed to detoxify and enhance his immune system.

Dave began Better Way Health in the basement of his daughter’s house. Initially he sold only water ionizers since he was convinced that ionized water helped him cope with cancer. And then he chanced upon Beta Glucan which he says helped him in strengthening his immune system, helping him to finally win his battle against cancer. And he took it his life’s mission to share this knowledge with other people who find themselves in the same predicament – in order to empower them. At this point, Dave felt happy and fulfilled because he was able to help people and earn a living too.

In summary, these are the things he did to overcome cancer:

  • Detoxification
  • Alkalinization
  • Oxygenation
  • Immune System Enhancement

Unfortunately, Dave died suddenly, not from cancer, but from pulmonary embolism in 2008. This was 9 years after he was pronounced “terminal” by his doctors. He was 68 years old when he died.

Dave may no longer be here to appreciate what his company has become for many people but his legacy lives on with the business he left behind, which is close to two decades now and getting stronger than ever.



Beta 1 3D Glucan
60 caps 600mg


Beta KIDS Beta Glucan Chewables
30 Count


120 Caplets


Vitamin D3

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