Our Wellness Team on Why You Should Drink Coffee

Why do you think there is an annual National Coffee Day?

This day is used to increase awareness on the situation of coffee farmers, who are mostly from poverty-stricken regions, and in so doing, promote fair trade coffee.

This day is also for you. To remind you about the many health benefits of coffee, more specifically, the caffeine in coffee.

And if you are part of the 40% of Americans who drink coffee everyday – rejoice! More studies are coming out that show that this popular drink is really beneficial for you:

  • It boosts your energy and makes you more alert. It greatly helps in improving your physical strength. (This is why you should have a cup of coffee first before heading to the gym.)
  • It can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. (Just make sure to hold the cream and sugar!)
  • Studies show that coffee drinkers are known to have much lower risk of several serious diseases like: cirrhosis and other liver diseases (provided you limit your alcohol intake too!), type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
  • It boosts your mental function. In fact, studies show that coffee prevents the onset of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, even stroke. And for people who already have Parkinson’s, the caffeine in coffee helps control their movement and minimize the involuntary shaking that comes with said disease.
  • It boosts your mood too, making you feel happier. Studies show that coffee drinkers are less likely to fall into depression.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and also, high levels of antioxidants, even higher than what you can get from fruits and vegetables combined – so it is sensible to include coffee in your diet. It is, in fact, the number one source of antioxidants in the US. Antioxidants protect cells from damage and promotes the death of cancer cells. It is because of this that coffee helps in preventing cancer, specifically colorectal, liver, prostate, skin, and uterine cancer.

Given all these, you’re bound to live longer with coffee. So drink up! Coffee is good for you.

We - at Healthy-Finds - advocate only natural, organic products and we recommend the same for your coffee.

Why We Recommend Café Kreyol For You

The Company

Café Kreyol is not just about producing the finest coffees in the world. It is also about making the world a better place by alleviating poverty in rural coffee growing regions. Its mission is to provide livelihood to farmers and by doing so, secure the future of the children of these farmers, and ultimately, contribute to the economic growth of the countries they represent. Café Kreyol started in Haiti but has now expanded to Brazil, Bolivia, Burundi, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Mexico.

What’s different about Café Kreyol is that they are very hands-on in the sourcing process, and a rear brand that is creating a low-acid coffee. They deal directly with coffee farmers in order to ensure the quality of their produce as well as the sustainability of their resources. Each coffee farm is certified organic and their produce is all natural, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. The company is also known to pay their farmers up to 300% higher than what Fair Trade requires, on the condition that these farmers will send their children to school. You see, for most of the farmers - prior to being tapped by Café Kreyol – life was a choice between putting food on the table or sending their kids to school. With the support of Café Kreyol, they no longer have that dilemma.

In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both the customers of Café Kreyol as well as its farmers - as the company strives to maintain its commitment to both - handpicking the best coffee beans to come out with premium coffee blends.

Knowing the background of Café Kreyol, you can really enjoy a cup of their coffee with peace in your heart, knowing that somehow, you have helped a farmer’s family in the Carribean.

The Creator | Founder

You will be inspired by the life story of Joseph “Joey” Stazzone, by how he turned his life around from being a drug dealer to a coffee company owner.

At 12 years old, Joey was already taking marijuana and addicted to opiates. Still he was able to graduate from high school but his connection to drugs also levelled up at this time. By then he was already using heroin, selling drugs, and working at a marijuana farm in Northern California.

But one night, he was so drugged that he decided to end his life. But before he could do that, police barged into and raided his house. He was arrested and convicted for 24 felony charges. He was in prison for almost three years. And it was definitely a life-changing experience for him. He says, “My life changed at once, my heart changed, my desires changed.”

When he was released from prison, he really turned in a “new leaf”. He was so moved by the consequences of the earthquake that happened in Haiti in 2010 that he went there personally to see how he could sustainably empower the poor country and its people. He found out that Haiti used to be the largest coffee supplier in the world and he sought to rebuild that – through Café Kreyol.

From drugs, Joey turned to something equally addicting, but not destructive – coffee. He is one of only 3,800 licensed coffee graders in the world. And he likes to call himself – not the Chief Executive Officer, but the Chief Coffee Hunter of Café Kreyol.



Cocaine 4 Coffee Microlot


Defense Against the Dark Arts


Organic 18 Rabbit Microlot


Organic Caribbean Blue


Organic Haitian Hound


Organic Ramirez Estate Microlot


Organic Red Honey Ramirez Estate Microlot




Zombie Desert

Go to https://www.coffeehunterproject.com/shop/ for the complete list of Café Kreyol products.

Honest Reviews for Café Kreyol:

“ Great coffee with great blends. Worth the money! My favorite so far is Zombie Desert, with the Haitian Hound in a close second.

– Matt Platek

“ Haitian Hound is my favorite coffee, it's so delicious! And I love that the company has such a strong focus on sustainability and ethical business practices. ”
– Sophia Ginorio Meurer

“ Defense against the Dark Arts rocks my world! ”
– Carla Capalbo

“ I love the mission and the coffee. Some of the best I've tasted around. I think I'm going to end my current coffee subscription and stick local with Cafe Kreyol ”
– Justin Rider

“ I love the Haitian Hound! My favorite coffee! The best I've ever tasted! Smooth & rich! ”
– Alanda Stelzer

“ Love the coffee! We have tried several of CK's beans - Haitian Blue, Dominican, Brazilian, and their blend. All of them are delicious. Best of all, they support the economies of the countries they are in, and they are unwavering in their desire to ensure their workers in each country are looked after with wages and work environments. Bonus: the owners are great people! ”
– Ramsey Longaker

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For more information, please visit https://www.coffeehunterproject.com/