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Aloe and welcome, fitness fanatics, health-conscious supplement hunters and delicate-gutted solution seekers to the start of a whole new perspective on daily nutrition, wellbeing and healthcare. Health-Finds is thirsty to let all our readers and members in on a health secret as old as time, but brand-spanking new on the market: The Aloe. It’s about time the world took notice of a paradigm-shifting superfood that has been in gardens and under our noses for years, but neglected in terms of the wonders it can offer humankind in terms of feeling, and looking, great.

What is an Aloe plant, and why is it so marvellous, you ask? The answer lies in history, mystery and science. The Aloe itself is a succulent, ever-green plant that is crowned with brilliant ruby-coloured flowers. Its origins can be traced back to the ancient deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, but now grows in all manner of tropic climates throughout the globe. Ancient cultures harnessed the miraculous healing and health-promoting powers of the Aloe for thousands of years, sporting historical users such as the great Egyptian ruler, Cleopatra, and the father of scientific philosophical thinking, Aristotle. They noticed that applying Aloe juice to the skin helped heal a wide variety of ailments, including sunburn, eczema, burns and bug bites. They also discovered that, when ingested, the Aloe plant offered a vast array of other benefits to the body and mind, including immune-system boosts, stomach and gut health promotion, and many more.

Today, those in search of healthy and natural alternatives to highly processed, pharmaceutical and commercial methods of healing are turning more and more towards the bounties of the natural world and the wisdom of healing from ages that came before us. Seaweed, turmeric, charcoal and beeswax are just a handful of healthy and wholesome sources of vitamins, minerals and healing properties that have re-emerged in the new millennium as revolutionary and relevant to a new generation of wellness watchers. The Aloe is absolutely exploding onto the health-food scene, boasting 200 biologically active components, including polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals that help the body to absorb nutrients. One company, pioneered by a humble health-seeker turned entrepreneurial miracle-worker, Ken Park, has taken this wonderful offering from the Earth and optimized its benefits into a range of products that are winners both in convenience, and a new level of nutritional value – Detoxwater.

What exactly do these historically enlivening ingredients, and Detoxwater itself, have to offer the consumers of 2018 and beyond? The answer can be split into 4 equally essential parts of a person’s day-to-day life:

1. Promoting a Thriving Immune System

Most of us have heard of Anti-Oxidants, the scientifically proven immune system boosters found in super-foods such a blueberries and tomatoes, which help to prevent and delay cell deterioration, essentially slowing down the body’s aging process. Detoxwater’s 7 delicious flavours, as well as their newly developed Veralixir, a zero calorie, sugar-free, highly potent Aloe shot with three times the Aloe Vera concentration of Detoxwater itself, contains a healthy blast of these Anti-Oxidants, focusing on fighting against immune system problems, eye problems, heart ailments and even mood disorders.

2. Boosting the Skin’s Healing and Regeneration Processes

Detoxwater values the power of the Aloe Vera plant for more than just its immune-boosting powers, however. Treatment of sunburn, dry-skin and the enhancement of skin elasticity are greatly aided by a steady intake of Aloe Vera. Ken Park’s Mother, Myong Park, began taking Aloe daily to help with her digestive issues, also saw a dramatic change in the look and feel of her skin, noticing a significant and rejuvenating glow develop. She was the inspiration behind creator Ken Park’s embarking on his exciting journey through the world of Aloe as a healing product, noticing this surge in visible and experiential well-being in his long-suffering Mother. Aloe’s anti-inflammatory properties can be accredited to much of this success.

3. Taking Gentle Care of the Digestive System

As mentioned above, Aloe’s primary value to Ken Park’s Mother was its uncanny ability to aid in digestion. The ingredients found in the skin and flesh of the plant have been found to assist greatly in promoting gut-health via two essential characteristics. The Aloe Vera plant contains a component called pre-biotics, which essentially feeds the good bacteria in the gut (pro-biotics), whilst fighting to eliminate the bad bacteria. This success in assisting the digestive system can be attributed to the polysaccharide. Detoxwater contains the clinically tested ACTIValoe®, which is made up of 10% polysaccharides by dry weight, the highest of its kind on the market today. Gastric acids are well-controlled under these conditions, and people with disorders such as IBS and chronic gastritis could benefit tremendously by adding Aloe Vera to their diet.

4. Super-Charging the Active Lifestyle

Detoxwater’s anti-inflammatory properties also enhance cardiovascular health, increases physical endurance and assists in alleviating pain in the muscles and joints. Their products contain electrolytes which are essential for hydration of the body, allowing water to properly be absorbed by the tissues and organs our bodies rely on to function. As such, Detoxwater has been invited to and involved in many fitness and activity-based events and functions, including the annual AIDS Lifecycle, in which tens of thousands of dollars are raised each year in the fight to end AIDS via a bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, as well as getting heavily involved in supporting and hydrating the annual Pride Month in parties, parades and events from New York to West Hollywood. They also collaborated with Livestrong.com and well-known fitness gurus, such as Jillian Michaels, Cassie Ho, and Koya Webbf at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles to host Stronger Weekend, where thousands of fitness enthusiasts joined together to break the Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously doing a 60 second plank, which they achieved!

Detoxwater Products















Go to www.detoxwater.com for the complete list of Detoxwater products.

Detoxwater offers their customers delicious Aloe Vera drinks without heavy additives and artificial colourants, in flavours that include Original, Mangaloe, Piñamint, Peachberry, Appleberry, and their newly launched “Cryptokiwi”, inspired by Denver Nuggets’ own Mason Plumlee, an avid supporter, ambassador, and investor of the brand.

Here’s what Mason Plumlee had to say about Detoxwater’s Cryptokiwi:

“I’m obsessed with Detoxwater. There’s just nothing else out there that tastes so good and has all health benefits of aloe, especially the anti-inflammatory properties that help me on and off the court. I’m thrilled to be part of the creation of their newest flavour.”

Also new to the market is Ken Park’s revolutionary brain-child, Veralixir. Veralixir contains 1.7 fluid ounces of highly-concentrated Aloe-Vera extract. It is Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free with zero calories. It makes special use of the clinically-proven ACTIValoe® ingredient in a potent and concentrated form, best used once a day to promote long-term health benefits.

Park is quoted saying,

"Creating a pure aloe shot that could exist on its own has been a dream ever since we launched Detoxwater, and I'm so proud of the final product. We were able to develop a potent formula equivalent to drinking 3 bottles of Detoxwater, all with zero calories, zero sugar and the highest quality aloe. We're thrilled to be the first to market a nutrient dense aloe shot."

To find out more about these exciting and innovative health-boosting Aloe drinks, feel free to visit Detoxwater’s website at www.detoxwater.com, and follow them on social media on their Instagram @drinkdetox and Twitter @detox_water. They are also on Facebook as Detoxwater if you’d like to keep up to date with all the latest promotions, events and new releases.


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