The practice of sprouting isn't really new. It has been around for many thousands of years, and although it is still popular today, not many companies on the market sprout their products due to the labor intensive process.

What exactly is sprouting?

Beans, grains, and nuts are actually tiny seeds that can grow into tall plants given the right environment. When they are in the dormant state, which means raw, many of their health potentials cannot be released. However, if they are sprouted, it stimulates the germination process, transforming these foods so they can free their full nutritional benefits.

When sprouting, the nuts and seeds are soaked for several days until they start to germinate. This completely changes their makeup from being dormant to an alive state. Then the seeds are slowly dried under low temperature.

The sprouting process increases enzyme activity, enhances nutrient bioavailability, and eases digestion. As a result, your body will not have to spend time and energy creating these digestive enzymes and can instead, focus on conducting its other many functions to help maintain good health.

How Sprouting Transforms Your Food

During sprouting, seeds underwent significant chemical and physical changes, hence they also have a different effect on our body.

1. Less carb, more protein, and fiber. Sprouted bean and grain are not totally carb-free, but since sprouting reduces the starch in them, they contain less carb. Since carbs are reduced during sprouting, it resulted in higher proportion of protein and soluble fiber.

2. Less phytic acid. This compound is naturally present in many plant foods, however, it is particularly high in nuts, seeds, and grains. Since it binds in certain minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc, it actually blocks the absorption of these minerals. Sprouting helps you make use of these minerals in your food by neutralizing phytic acid.

3. Less gluten. Grains containing gluten such as barley, oats, rye, and wheat can be sprouted to reduce its gluten content. The germination process converts complex sugars and proteins into simpler forms. However, sprouting does not guarantee that it can totally remove gluten, so people who are allergic to gluten can’t rely on sprouting to avoid gluten safely.

4. Support natural enzyme production. In their dormant state, grains, nuts, and seeds tend to be harder to digest due to their natural enzyme inhibitors that inhibit the body's production of digestive enzymes. This makes absorption of nutrients difficult. Sprouting neutralizes these enzyme blockers, so when you consume sprouted beans, nuts or grains, you'll be able to easily digest it and absorb its innate nutrients.

5. Less Lectin. Lectins serve as the plant’s defense from pests, insects and other harmful microorganisms. The problem with lectin is that it can sometimes cause digestive problems. Sprouting can help reduce lectin so you can enjoy eating nuts, grains, and seeds without the stomach discomforts.

6. Fewer tannins. Grains, legumes, and nuts often contain high levels of tannins. Tannins can prevent the absorption of significant nutrients in this kind of foods. Sprouting helps reduce the tannin content.

7. Higher vitamin content. Due to a significant reduction of antinutrients such as phytic acid and lectin, sprouting increases the amount of carotene, Vitamin B-complex and C.

There’s also the notion that, since sprouted nuts, grains and seeds are in ‘alive state’, they contain higher ‘life force’ or flow of energy (prana), so when you consume them, you can feel a huge burst of energy!

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The Company

Healthy Truth, which recently rebranded from Organic Living Superfoods, began in 2012 when founders Craig Singer and Bruce Namenson decided to establish a company that produces plant-based, organic seeds, nuts, dried fruits and more.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of clean, honest, plant-based superfood snacks, powders, and bars. Our story began in a home kitchen in Walpole, MA with a single dehydrator and a few guys on a mission to create the most delicious and healthy snacks the world has ever tasted -- and we haven’t stopped experimenting since.

Healthy Truth  stands for clean labels and telling the truth about what we put into our products. That’s why everything is made with minimal ingredients, without refined sugars or fillers and you’ll never find anything processed.

We also believe in making healthy, plant-based snacks accessible to as many people as possible. You’ll notice that while many of our products are still organic, we also offer a variety of all-natural, more affordable options without sacrificing quality or flavor.

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