Why Choose Jack N’ Jill Over Regular Toothpaste?

The Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

It can be easy to overlook oral health. But taking care of our teeth and gums is absolutely crucial to a strong immune system and vitality. There has been a lot of compelling research conducted in recent years that suggests that conventional toothpastes may contain compounds and chemicals that have harmful long term effects on the body.

Why You Might Want to Reconsider Your Standard Toothpaste

You may be familiar with the controversy around fluoride. Scientists are still trying to establish whether it has any tangible positive effects on tooth enamel and many studies have linked it to brain damage, genetic damage, and lower IQ in children. In addition to fluoride, many name brand toothpastes contain triclosan, a substance that was recently banned from soaps because it may be connected to bacterial resistance and hormone disruption. Sodium lauryl sulfate and diethanolamine , the substances that makes your toothpaste foam, have been linked to canker sores and hormone disruption. Many also contain propylene glycol, which is also used in antifreeze! Luckily, Jack N’ Jill produces effective toothpastes without any of the aforementioned chemical ingredients.

Brush Your Teeth Without Worries

By switching to a natural toothpaste like Jack N’ Jill you are safely and organically taking your oral care to the next level. Natural toothpastes effectively clean, strengthen, and protect teeth and gums without using chemicals, additives, and preservatives that can aggravate the gums and teeth. Jack N’ Jill uses natural ingredients like mint, a natural breath freshener that delivers long-lasting and powerful results. Natural toothpastes also feature organic colors and flavors which is invaluable for people who are prone to allergies and irritations.

Because we inevitably ingest some of our toothpaste, even in the most miniscule quantities, we want to be sure that we won’t experience any of the adverse health effects that could be associated with chemical-laden toothpastes.

Why We Recommend Jack N' Jill For You

The Company

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1949, Jack N’ Jill is a natural oral health company that focuses on making fun and effective toothpastes for babies, toddlers, and children. Jack N’ Jill ship to over 30 countries around the world and their mission is to create natural, safe to swallow toothpastes that kids, and parents, will love.

Jack N’ Jill’s goal is to produce toothpastes that parents feel good about. That means products that are free of toxins, chemicals, and additives. The reality is that children often end up swallowing most of their toothpaste, making it that much more urgent to offer them a safe alternative. Jack N’ Jill’s safe alternative? Food grade,vegan, gluten free flavor extracts grown from pesticide-free organic fruits and plants!

All Jack N’ Jill products are designed with body children and their parents in mind. The sweet packaging will definitely appeal to kids and grown ups alike. In addition to their innovative line of toothpastes they have recently released the first ever children’s Bio Toothbrushes, which are biodegradable and recyclable featuring Non-GMO cornstarch handles. How sweet is that?

At its core, Jack N’ Jill is a company designed on a firm bedrock of environmental values. They believe that businesses have an obligation to the planet and future generations. This mission drives their commitment to hypoallergenic, organic products that are made, whenever possible, with BPA free, recyclable packaging.

The Creator | Founder

Jack N’ Jill began in Melbourne, Australia and has been the family business of married couple Justin & Rachel for over twenty years! When they welcomed their first son their curiosity about safe, natural health was piqued. They were frustrated by the lack of oral health options for children and this inspired them to create a line of natural toothpastes that are both kid-friendly and eco-friendly. Their background in pharmacy helped them create the perfect formula; one that would deliver powerful, and safe, results.

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