The Power of Nuts

Nuts are one of nature’s greatest gifts. They come packed with proteins, nutrients, and healthy fats that endow our bodies with sustainable, slow burning energy. One of the most nutrient dense varieties? Cashews. They are chock full of Manganese, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Vitamin K. Capitalizing on the great taste and health benefits of cashews, Karma Nuts produces a mouthwatering line of snack packs that you can feel good about. Creativity is foundational to their mission and they offer cashews in a compelling array of flavors, from coconut to lime to cinnamon! There is a flavor to appeal to all tastes and moods, making the nutrients of cashews available to all.

Trailblazing Innovation

One of the most exciting aspects of the Karma Nuts? They are the only brand that produces a line of wrapped cashews. Why do they keep the natural skin of the cashews intact? Simple. This method delivers twice the fiber and antioxidants as unwrapped cashews - making these snacks a superfood akin to blueberries! Plus the extra crunch makes for an amazing and unforgettable taste.

The Value of Non-GMO Foods

Although GMO compounds have found their way into a shocking breadth of consumer products they are still scarcely understood by the scientific community. The long term health consequences of ingesting GMO products are still a mystery to experts and layfolk alike. A lot of this ambiguity is due to the reality that the industrial food economy is backed by billions of dollars of lobbying funds. Powerful, vested interests simply don’t want the truth about GMO foods being disseminated to consumers. Fortunately, many companies are taking advantage of the growing interest in organic, Non-GMO foods. The current interest in non-GMO foods serves as a counterweight to the nutrient-deprived, chemical-laden foods that reign supreme in our restaurants and grocery stores. We love Karma Nuts because they are certified GMO-free, making them a safe choice for yourself and your family.

A Great Snacking Alternative

In today’s go-go-go culture snacking has never been a more vital and integrated part of our lives. Whether we grab something quick before work or reach for a snack between errands, more and more people incorporate snacks and informal meals into their day. Our perspective at is that if you are going to snack, you may as well snack smart! Instead of grabbing chips or a sugar-laden granola bar why not invest in your long-term health without compromising your short-term flavor cravings? Karma Nuts well give you energy that lasts while satisfying your need for something quick and efficient.

Why we Recommend Karma Nuts

Karma Nuts is a family-owned business that has been dedicated to high quality, nutritious foods and healthy living for over 80 years! They have a strong record of excellence and they scour the world for the finest cashews, ensuring they get the cream of the crop to their loyal consumers.

Karma Nuts is founded on a strong foundation of creativity and innovation. They invest passion and expertise into crafting their proprietary methods of nut processing and flavoring. The result is original and well curated taste profiles that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. What makes Karma Nuts a true-stand out in the organic health space is that their cashews come wrapped, meaning the antioxidant and nutrient-rich skin is kept on. Did you know that Karma Nuts cashews have a comparable antioxidant content to blueberries? They are air-roasted without oils for the crunchiest taste possible.

Karma Nuts is all about transparency. They want to create real, authentic foods - ones that don’t masquerade as something they’re not. They are made with non-GMO ingredients and they use natural, non-toxic flavorings. When you choose a Karma Nuts product you can be rest assured that you know what you’re putting in your body. No unpleasant surprises here, just tons of honest, reliable flavor!

The Creator | Founder

Founder and CEO Ganesh Nair is dedicated to innovation, nutrition, and taste! He marries all of these interests in his Karma Nuts products. Ganesh is also the CEO of Wenders Food and Western India Cashew Co., a family business that is 85 years strong! His strong literacy of business and management allows him to distribute Karma Nuts products ethically and sensibly. Most of the worlds cashew production is based in India and the developing world and Ganesh has the established expertise to find the best growers and producers. What that means for you is cashews of the finest quality - no exceptions.

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