Dr Campbell on Healthy Snacking:

Snacks are what we eat between meals, are usually in small portions, and provide us with a tasteful boost and a bit of quenching of our hunger. Many of us are aware that almost all commonly found snacks are full of chemicals, artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and contain pesticide residues.

Zego has come to the rescue. Zego bars are free from the most common allergens, are gluten, corn and grain free, and are packed with flavor and nutrition. All Zego bars are made with organic ingredients, are non-GMO, and contain no artificial flavorings, colorings or anything chemical. This means Zego bars fit into almost all diets, including Paleo and Whole30. And with their low glycemic index, they make a great snack for anyone with diabetes.

An important toxin to consider in foods today is pesticides. Many foods contain these, and they are known to be harmful to humans, and especially children as their brains are developing. The most used pesticide in the United States is glyphosate, commercially sold as Roundup. We use more of it in this country than the rest of the world combined. Glyphosate residues are found on the main foods in our diet: corn, soy, beets, wheat, canola, etc. Zego tests for glyphosate to make sure we don’t get any when we eat one of their bars. Bravo Zego bars for taking care to make sure we only get what is nutritious in your bars!

Why We Recommend Zego For You

The Company

Zego, coined from “zest on the go!”, was set up to provide convenience foods that are delicious, nutritious, and safe for people with multiple dietary restrictions. All their products are dairy free, gluten free, grain free, nut free, and soy free. Zego is recognized for creating the first allergy friendly superfood bar designed to meet all special diet needs and preferences.

Practicing a farm-to-market approach, they source their ingredients domestically - only the cleanest and best quality ingredients from California, Oregon, and Washington farms. This is a practice that enables them to reduce their carbon footprint. They are not only concerned about our health, they are also concerned about the health of our planet.

The best thing that we love about Zego is that it was also founded to help improve nutrition for low-income kids. They are able to do this by channeling as high as 20% of their revenue through nonprofit organizations like A Better Course and Campaign for Better Nutrition. They have been doing this since the company was formed in 2013 and will continue doing so for the company's lifetime.

On an industry level, Zego stands out as a pioneer not only in terms of dedication to nutrition, and social responsibility, but also in terms of safety and transparency. Each batch is tested for cross contact with the four most common allergens (almond, milk, peanut, soy) and gluten. And, customers have access to each bar’s batch test results through the QR code on every package.

Zego has indeed set the “bar”. Thus with Zego, you can truly have peace of mind.

Colleen Kavanagh

The Creator | Founder

Colleen Kavanagh founded Zego primarily due to the dietary needs of her family. Colleen has celiac disease and her children have food allergies and gluten and lactose intolerances and needed low-glycemic diets. But they couldn’t find any snack in the market that would meet their dietary restrictions. And so she created Zego. It started out as something for her family and her friends’ families but is now catering to Americans who also have food sensitivities. Her advocacy? “I have a life-long passion for empowering individual and societal well-being through better nutrition.”

When Colleen is not busy being the CEO of Zego and Board Chair of A Better Course, she loves having her friends over and serving them delicious and nutritious foods that nourishes them body and soul. She maintains her active lifestyle by paddle boarding, Pilates, and sprinting.


12 Bar Variety Pack
Fruit + Chia Bars
Just Fruit Bars
Organic Seed + Fruit Bars

Honest Reviews for Zego:

“ I absolutely LOVE these bars. They're really flavorful (chocolate is my favorite) and I know I'm eating something that will sustain me for the next few hours with good, healthy, nutritious fats from the sunflower seeds. There are so many bars on the market, and ZEGO really stands out as exceptional in my book. Definitely worth trying if you haven't already! ” – Anya Hankison

“ DELICIOUS! These bars just arrived at my door step and the box is almost gone. My whole family loves them and I feel good knowing I'm giving my family snacks that are good for them. I can send them to school with my daughter and feel confident that they are 'safe' - no allergies. What a relief to be able to grab and go something this good. ” – Elon Boms

“ I love eating Zego's during long bike rides. They are easy to eat, don't hurt my stomach and taste great. It's now the only thing I eat on my rides.... Plus, they are a great snack! ” – Christopher J. Crichton

“ I take Zego choco bars on long bike rides. They taste great and keep my energy level up. I have tried many other bars and gels and nothing is as good as Zego. Thanks Zego!!! ” – Mike Goos

“ When I'm on the go, Zego hits the spot. Super nutrition. Easy to digest and yummy flavors that can't be beat. Can't wait for the new flavors to come out! ” – Sam Hoffman

“ ZEGO bars have become part of my morning routine. Great way to get energy and protein with low sugar. Thanks ZEGO! ” – Steven Weidman

“ Tasty and satisfying. Love their nutritional power and lack of food allergens. I'm hooked! ” – Brian Kauke

“ Perfect size for stow and go fuel on the run when you want it. And it does not melt in the pkg. ” – Steven McArdle

“ Who knew healthy could taste soooo good?? ” – Steve Hattan

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